Picture of myself taken at a family function in Kingston Ontario, 2002Welcome to David Coley's Codecipher,

The title of the website may seem a bit strange.  However, it stems from a name I have used on the internet professionally since 1998.  Back then, it had to do with the now defunct VCPPHELP group and a philosophy of "Programmers Helping Programmers".

Today, Codecipher has changed to something more personal.  The word is one of those fun combinations so popular in today's marketing world, as one college put it a "Rorschach word game".

This website's goal is to include information in two major areas:  Personal Projects, and Tutorials.  I invite you to browse through this website and hope that you find the information interesting and informative.

About the Author

I am a self-professed computer geek.  Since my first computer in the early 1980's I have been fascinated by what they can do.  I attended Durham College in Oshawa Ontario, Canada graduating from the Computer Technology program in 2002.  Since then I have strived to stay current with evolving information technology and am looking for employment opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area.


Codecipher and its dual meaning:

Most people will read Codecipher only one way... but it has a split personality that was born out of an early morning haze and a bunch of computer geeks trying to be witty:

The joining of knowledge and talent to decipher the meaning in every day life.  Originally meant as a way of showing more than one person trying to understand how computer program code worked, it has grown into a sort of life philosophy.  It has developed into a method of co-existing with what is already around.  Why cut down a tree today, when next week you'll be complaining about shade.  There are times when the tree just has to go, but most of the time it's just best to incorporate it into your overall plan.  A tree that's grown for 10 years and works is better than a sapling whose roots are untested.

The original meaning of Codecipher was very simple; to understand what programming code did, and how to use it more effectively.  Since then, the meaning has grown and expanded.  With the growing interconnectivity of devices in today's world, how devices and legacy systems interconnect is as important as what they do.  I tend to use this meaning more than any other, as it is more my style.  Figuring out why something works is an important step in truly understanding how it works.  Today's world is not just about Windows and Windows systems, but also about the Linux, Unix and Future Device 1026.